Tournament Cribbage Boards

Each cribbage board is made from maple with quality craftsmanship. Precision drilled (1/8" holes) and finished. Marked in 5 hole increments, black directional arrows, felt pads on bottom.

Dimensions: 3/4" X 2-1/2" X 19-1/4"
Custom-Made Wooden Cribbage Boards
Freds Cribbage Boards builds quality custom-made maple wooden cribbage boards. Each cribbage board is carefully constructed with the best craftsmanship available.

Custom Cribbage Board

Freds Cribbage Boards
Board A / Board S
- with 4 hardwood cribbage pegs
- 2 black & 2 varnished
- 1/4" DIA X 1-9/16" Tall X 1/8" Tenon

Price: $22.00
Includes Free Shipping

Board A / Board S
- with 4 Columbia style metal cribbage pegs
- 1-3/8" long with 1/4" head tapered to fit 1/8" holes

Price: $25.00
Includes Free Shipping

Please specify what type of board you want. If nothing is specified, Board A will be sent. For every 5 boards that you order, I will send you one extra board free for a total of six boards.

All cribbage boards are shipped only in the United States and Canada.

Cribbage Book

Cribbage Book with correct count for all 6175 cribbage hands. 98 pages. Ensures a correct count for every hand.
98 Pages
Correct Count for 6175 hands

Price: $18.00
Includes Free Shipping

Cribbage Board Facts

The 29 hand - The mathematical probability of getting a 29 hand in two-player cribbage has long been known to be 1 in 216,580
Potential for 29 points
Any six-card hand with the potential for 29 points must include a specific four-card combination: three 5s and the J of the missing suit.
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